Most of the winter wheat in South Dakota is at heading. In the next few days, winter wheat will be flowering. Growers need to watch the weather and plan a fungicide to protect winter wheat against Fusarium head blight (FHB).

According to the Fusarium head blight risk tool, the current risk for FHB is moderate to high for the eastern-most counties and a few southern areas.

These areas have had several rainy days, therefore, an elevated level of FHB risk. The central and west areas have been relatively dry, hence the low risk for FHB. The best fungicide timing for FHB management is at flowering (when at least 50% of the spikes are flowering). The two fungicides that are effective against FHB are Prosaro and Caramba. These fungicides are also effective against stripe rust and other fungal leaf spot diseases.


–Emmanuel Byamukama, Extension Plant Pathologist , South Dakota State University


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