Your check-off investment is multiplied through collaboration with industry partners.

Northern Crops Institute (NCI) is another important component of the South Dakota Wheat Commission’s effort to develop markets. It is a regional institute serving South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota. Northern Crops Institute provides educational and technical programs in support of promotion and market development of crops in this region. Promoting a bulk commodity such as U.S. wheat is a long-term effort and requires continuous presence in the market, persistence and establishing close contact with the trade.

While U.S. grain markets provide more variety and flexibility than our competitors, the U.S. grain marketing system can seem complex and puzzling to those unfamiliar with it. NCI is a sophisticated technical support organization that assists existing and potential buyers to gain a better understanding of the marketing, grading, quality, utilization, and processing of northern-grown crops.

The domestic market is critical to South Dakota wheat growers. Because of its high quality bread making characteristics, the majority of wheat grown in South Dakota is consumed domestically. The domestic market is by far the largest and most reliable market.

Membership in the Wheat Foods Council (WFC) gives South Dakota growers the ability to utilize limited funds effectively by pooling resources with other state wheat commission and industry partners. The WFC targets the media, and health, nutrition and fitness leaders to multiply our message.

The Wheat Foods Council brings a variety of organizations together to focus on a common goal. Competing in today’s marketplace is challenging, however, with the support of growers through the South Dakota Wheat Commission, the Wheat Foods Council strengthens grain-foods consumption in the United States.

To develop markets successfully, exporters must know the market, be able to provide technical assistance and customer service to foreign buyers, and educate potential users know about the product. Most farmers and processors have neither the time nor the resources to undertake these tasks themselves.

That is where U.S. Wheat Associates (USW), the U.S. wheat industry’s export market development organization, serves a vital purpose. USW’s mission is simple: to promote U.S. wheat exports. To do that, USW works in 130 countries to increase wheat consumption and U.S. market share for all classes of American wheat. USW doesn’t buy, sell or process wheat. It devotes its resources exclusively to market development to create the conditions that make it possible to sell more American wheat to other countries. USW is jointly funded by wheat grower and government dollars.

American wheat growers fund USW through check-off contributions from the South Dakota Wheat Commission and 17 other wheat commissions. Wheat producers are actively involved in the governing of USW through its officer, board of director and committee structure. Producers and state wheat commissions also participate in USW activities by hosting trade teams and involvement in other activities.

The Home Baking Association (HBA) mission of “growing the practice of home baking” could not be more timely due to economic conditions and other societal changes. The HBA web site is a valuable resource for educators, parents, community service volunteers, scratch-bakers and anyone else interested in baking.

The goal of the Wheat Quality Council is to improve the value of all U.S. wheat classes for producers, millers, and processors of wheat.  Advocates the development of cultivars which enhance end use quality of wheats for all U.S. wheat classes.

South Dakota State University supports SD wheat farmers by addressing state wheat production issues.  Increased yield and disease resistant varieties for both spring and winter wheat are the main goals in wheat research.


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