The South Dakota Wheat Commission was established pursuant to the enabling legislation known as the South Dakota Wheat Resources Act passed in 1961. The Act declared it to be the public policy of the state of South Dakota to protect and foster the health, prosperity and general welfare of its people by protecting and stabilizing the wheat industry and the economy of the areas producing wheat.

South Dakota Wheat Commission meets the objectives of this policy through its Mission Statement: Stabilization and profitability of the South Dakota wheat industry through research, market development and promotion.

Within this site you will find a wealth of information (details as to where check-off dollars are spent, educational materials that people are encouraged to use to their benefit, etc.) as the Commission pursues its mission of research, market development and promotion.


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According to SDCL 38-10-4, the South Dakota Wheat Commission is composed of five members who:

  1. Are landowning residents of South Dakota;
  2. Are at least twenty-five years of age and residents of South Dakota;
  3. Are actively engaged in growing wheat in the state for a period of at least five years;
  4. Derive a substantial portion of their income from growing wheat;
  5. Are participating growers.

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor based upon nominations from wheat producers. A term is three years in length, and no Commissioner shall serve more than four consecutive terms (38-10-7).

Two of the five members of the wheat commission shall be residents of and having farming operations in that area of the State of South Dakota west of the Missouri River; two of the members shall be residents of and having farming operations in that area of the State of South Dakota east of the Missouri River; and one member shall be selected as a member at large from the State of South Dakota (38-10-6).

Chairman - Leo Warrington (ER)

Vice Chairman - Chet Edinger (AL)

Secretary - Terry Hand (WR)

Treasurer- Clinton Vanneman (WR)

Member-at-Large - Darrell Davis (ER)

Past Commissioner Listing



Reid A. Christopherson, Executive Director – (

Carolyn Theobald, Accountant/Office Manager – ( )

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South Dakota Wheat Commission

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