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Feb 22nd  will be crossover day, when all bills must be passed out of the house they originated in.  This forces committee to get bills discussed and decision made.


  • SB 4  Passed out of Senate
  • NEW Amendment explanation “Several counties (10 or more)  will implement the study results so that a side by side comparison can be review before a final determination is made.”
  • The Department of Revenue, in conjunction with South Dakota State University, shall study the impact of changes to the methodology of rating soils for purposes of assessing agricultural land. The study shall be based on South Dakota State University’s research initiated by the Agricultural Land Assessment Implementation and Oversight Advisory Task Force pursuant to chapter 106 of the 2016 Session Laws. The department shall select a representative sampling of counties to participate in the study and shall provide data, technical assistance, and any other information to the counties as necessary to analyze the impacts of any recommended changes to the soil ratings. The department shall present its findings to the Agricultural Land Assessment Implementation and Oversight Advisory Task Force on or before January 1, 2020.”

·       SB 10 – An Act to update references to certain federal motor carrier regulations. Has been signed by the Governor

·       SB 12 – An Act to revise certain provisions pertaining to the disqualifications of commercial driver license holders for failure to consent to chemical analyses. Signed by the Governor.

·        Equipment

  • HB 1103 establishes a lemon law for certain farm machinery. This six-page bill says If new farm machinery does not conform to any applicable express warranty than it must be repaired, replaced or the cost of the machinery refunded. Referred to House Commerce and Energy

·       Field Management

  •  HB 1188  An Act to revise provisions regarding fertilizer inspection fees. Amended  ”    Section 3. The provisions of this Act are effective on January 1, 2020.  Passed committee and House Floor. Sent to Senate Taxation.
  • HB 1212   make an appropriation to fund the industrial hemp licensure program and to declare an emergency.
  • Hear in House Ag.  Scheduled for Hearing.
  • SB 183   revise certain provisions regarding buffer strips. Referred to Senate Ag

Failed to pass.

  • SB 110   revise provisions regarding adjustments to the motor fuel tax fund balance.  These are funds tied to Northern Crops Institute funding as well as others.  FAILED or sent to the 41st day.

·       SB 112 provides for the assessment of certain agricultural land as noncropland. This bill says that any agricultural land has been seeded to grass for at least ten years and is used for animal grazing or left unharvested, or is native grassland, the director of equalization shall categorize the land as noncropland for the purposes of determining the agricultural income value of the land.  Failed

  • HB 1095 An Act to accommodate legislation regarding noxious weed seed. This is a “vehicle bill” that will be amended for Palmer Amaranth weed seeds. Withdrawn at the request of the sponsor.
  •  HB 1096 An Act to accommodate legislation regarding noxious weeds. This is a “vehicle bill” that will be amended to accommodate Palmer Amaranth as a weed. Withdrawn at the request of the sponsor.
  • HB 1145 establishes certain provisions regarding the mowing of rights-of-way adjacent to the state trunk highway system. This bill states that mowing for hay of the twenty-five feet of the right-of-way adjacent to the shoulder of a roadway on the state trunk highway system is authorized at any time of the year by the owner or assigns of land abutting the right-of-way. DOT may not destroy any mowed hay within twenty-five feet of right-of-way prior to October first of each year. Deferred to the 41th legislative day.
  • HB 1221   revise administrative rule to add palmer amaranth as a prohibited noxious weed seed. Tabled
  • SB 147  An Act to provide certain provisions regarding commercial pesticide applicators. Deffered to the 41st day.


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