Today is expected to be the big day in the House for immigration and the Farm Bill.  There will be several series of votes throughout the day.  They are expected to begin with debate and a vote on a rule for consideration of H.R. 4760 (the Securing America’s Future Act), debate on the bill, then a vote on final passage.  They will then debate the rule for H.R. 6136 (the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act), vote on the rule, debate the bill, and then vote on final passage of the bill.


Following consideration of those two immigration bills, the House is expected to also take up the motion to reconsider the Farm Bill, followed by a re-vote on passage of the Farm Bill (we’re hearing this could be sometime around 5:00 – 6:30 eastern today).

Joshua Tonsager, VP of Policy & Communications

National Association of Wheat Growers