Most of the winter wheat crop is past the window for fungicide application for FHB (scab) management. However, spring wheat in SD varies from jointing to flowering across the state; therefore, spring wheat may have a long window of exposure to conducive weather conditions for scab to develop.

Currently, several areas in the eastern half of state and scattered areas West River are showing moderate to high risk for the scab to develop. Spring wheat in the moderate to high risk (yellow and red) areas that is at flowering or will be flowering in the next few days would benefit from a fungicide application to protect against scab and DON development. Also, several winter wheat fields scouted were found with leaf rust, therefore leaf rust inoculum is abundant for spring wheat which still has several weeks of development. A fungicide applied against scab will also protect against leaf rust and other fungal leaf diseases.

–Emmanuel Byamukama, Extension Plant Pathologist , South Dakota State University

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