Wheat Growers Welcome Introduction of Trade Promotion Authority Legislation

ARLINGTON, Virginia — The U.S. wheat industry welcomes the introduction of legislation to grant the President of the United States trade promotion authority (TPA). “We are pleased to see bipartisan support for trade promotion authority and hope Congress will act quickly to pass this important legislation,” said

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Colorado sweetens deal for flour milling conglomerate

The deal to lure a massive new milling venture to settle in Colorado just got sweeter. State officials have given initial approval to money meant to lure Ardent Mills, which combines the flour milling operations of food giant ConAgra and Horizon Milling, a partnership of Cargill and

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Fighting the War on Poverty in Rural America

Fifty years ago, President Johnson declared the beginning of “an unconditional war on poverty in America,” challenging us to bring to bear all of our available tools and resources to address poverty and income inequality across America. Born poor in the small town of Stonewall, Texas, President

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Working to preserve South Dakota’s pheasant hunting legacy

South Dakota’s landscape has significantly changed since the first block of native sod was turned over by a horse-drawn plow more than 150 years ago. These changes include native grasslands converted to fertile croplands that can now produce more than 250 bushels of corn per acre; massive

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