If your household is like most in America, mornings are a busy time. You’re on the way to work, kids on the way to school, pets have to be fed, plans made for the day. It’s busy enough on standard mornings, but throw in a little hiccup – a missed alarm clock, a car that won’t start, a sick child – and the whole day can suffer. But even on the most rushed of mornings, you still need to eat a nutritious breakfast.

September is National Breakfast Month and the South Dakota Wheat Commission and the Wheat Foods Council want to make it easier for all of us to get a healthy start to the day, especially those mornings when breakfast is really on the run. Here are eight ideas:

  • Cereal bars and a go-cup of low-fat milk
  • Toasted English muffin or bagel
  • Pita bread or tortilla, spread with nut butter and sliced fruit
  • A cup of non-fat Greek yogurt topped with granola or trail mix
  • Muffins, from the freezer
  • Warmed tortilla wrapped around peanut butter and jelly or a scrambled egg
  • A small serving box of cereal, with non-fat yogurt or milk