Bake and Take

The South Dakota Wheat Commission is encouraging individuals and groups to share their time and talent by participating in the annual Bake and Take Day, celebrated on the 4th Saturday in March.  It is an opportunity for families and service groups to gather in the kitchen to prepare gifts of fresh-baked wheat foods.  These gifts can bring joy to relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, the elderly and shut-ins.  Surprising someone with home baked foods makes both the “giver” and the “receiver” feel special.  It’s fun and easy to show how much you care with a baked food and visit.

Participants who write in to tell about their Bake and Take Day activities will be entered into a random drawing for $50 cash in one of four categories.  All eligible entries collected via…

Check back later for information on these events:

Ag Horizons Conference

The Ag Horizons Conference organizers invite you to be part of our upcoming conference.  The conference is hosted by seven organizations:

South Dakota Crop Improvement Association, South Dakota Oilseeds Council, South Dakota Pulse Growers, South Dakota Seed Trade Association, South Dakota No-Till Association, South Dakota Soil Health Coalition and South Dakota Wheat Inc.

Proud Sponsor of the South Dakota State Fair

The South Dakota Wheat Commission is the proud sponsor of the complimentary golf carts rides at the South Dakota State Fair.  August 29th through September 2nd, 2019.

Wheat Yield Contest

Spring is here and the SD Wheat Yield Contest is back!  Producers are encouraged to submit an application by May 15th.  Applications can be picked up at participating sponsors which include: CHS Midwest Cooperative, CHS Northern Plains, CHS Southwest Grains, Wheat Growers Elevator, North Central Farmers Elevator, Oahe Grain Corporation, Sioux Nation, Dakota Mill & Grain or the SD Wheat Inc office.

Awards will be presented at Ag Horizons in Pierre on November 28, 2018: 1st place in each District = $500, 2nd place in each District = $300

Wheat Walks

SDSU Extension along with South Dakota Wheat, Inc. will host multiple wheat walks in May, June and July.

Each Wheat Walk will include the in-field program where SDSU staff can help identify pests that are currently in the field, and also cover any other production issues or concerns attendees might have. Following the in-field portion of the program, SD Wheat will provide growers with information on crop rotation, protein and moisture sampling.

The event will include a meal sponsored by SD Wheat Inc., Agripro (Syngenta), First National Bank and The South Dakota Wheat Commission. Anyone planning to attend is asked to RSVP to 605.224.4418 three days prior to the event so organizers can plan appropriately for the meal.