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1-23-2017 Legislative Update

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HB 1038  An Act to repeal the requirement for farm corporations to file farm annual reports with the secretary of State.  This bill is a duplicate of information already being provided and requires land amounts and values.  Heard in Senate Ag and was passed out of committee by 13 Yeas 0 Nays.  To be heard on the House Floor.




SB 7  An Act to revise the criteria for determining if property is classed as agricultural land for property tax purposes.  To be heard in Senate Taxation.

SB 9 An Act to revise the river basin natural resource district boundaries, to establish sub districts for each district and to establish a procedure to adjust district boundaries.  Heard in Senate Ag and deferred to the 41st day.

SB 21 An Act to revise certain provisions related to public grain warehouses and grain buyers. Referred to Senate Ag.

SB 39 An Act to allow owners to affix vehicle identification numbers on certain trailers.  Heard in Senate Transportation and passed YEAS 7 NAYS 0.  Passed Senate Floor YEAS 33 NAYS 0.  Referred to House Transportation.

SB 66 An Act to specifically classify certain agricultural land as riparian buffer strips, to establish the criteria for the riparian buffer strip classification, and to provide for the taxation thereof.  To be heard in Senate Ag.