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August 2017 – Press Release

For immediate release:

~South Dakota producer elected as Vice Chair to Northern Crop Council

~Christopherson names chair of Wheat Foods Council

~Harvest Safety Tips

~South Dakota Wheat Outlook

A special news release for South Dakota media outlets.  Please contact Reid Christopherson at to set up interviews, gather additional quotes and graphics, or pitch a story.

South Dakota producer elected as vice chair to Northern Crop Council

Tregg Cronin, of Gettysburg, S.D., was recently elected to serve as a member and vice chair for the Northern Crop Council. Cronin is a member of the South Dakota Wheat Commission, currently serving as treasurer.

“The South Dakota Wheat Commission is a proud founding member of the Northern Crops Institute,” said Reid Christopherson, executive director of the South Dakota Wheat Commission. “We are excited to have Commissioner Tregg Cronin elected to this significant role. He will provide tremendous insight and leadership in shaping the future of the NCI.”

Northern Crops Institute (NCI) is a collaborative effort among North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota to support the promotion and market development of crops grown in this four-state region. NCI is governed by the Northern Crops Council.

Christopherson named chair of Wheat Foods Council

Reid Christopherson, executive director of the South Dakota Wheat Commission, was named chair of the Wheat Foods Council during their summer meeting in Manhattan, KS. Christopherson began the one-year term as chair on July 1.

“Participation in the Wheat Foods Council has been an extremely enjoyable and educational experience,” Christopherson said. “I am honored by the opportunity to support the mission and impact of this wonderful organization.”

The Wheat Foods Council develops sound educational and promotional nutrition programs that reach health and nutrition professionals, opinion leaders, media, and consumers.Members of the Wheat Foods Council include grain producers, millers and bakers, baking suppliers, life science companies and cereal manufacturers.

Harvest Safety Tips

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Association, agriculture ranks among the most dangerous industries.  With South Dakota’s wheat harvest well underway, it is important for all producers and drivers to keep safety as a top priority.

Producers should maintain all safety features on equipment, including charging fire extinguishers and checking the shields on all belts, pulleys and chains. Keep headlights, reflectors and turn signals clear of any dirt or debris.  Sleep deprivation triggers additional problems, so producers should remember to prioritize sleep to ensure a safe harvest.

All drivers should remember to use caution when following combines and trucks. Additional precautions should be taken when passing equipment because operators are subjected to many blind spots.

As we share the roadway, let’s make it a safe harvest!

South Dakota Wheat Outlook

It’s been a tough year, but wheat harvest is nearing competition. 35 percent of winter wheat is rated fair to good. 25 percent of spring wheat is rated fair to excellent.